CRC ASSOCIATES INC was founded in 2006, with a vision of providing quality construction management services to clients across NY & NJ. Following our vision and considering tremendous competitive pressure in the areas of technology changes, deregulation and point to point expertise for our clients, we built our company into a highly diversified construction firm by bringing together a group of talented people who possess both the technical and administrative skills to successfully perform work of the highest industry standards. 

To give maximum proficiency from conception to completion for our clients, we carefully screen and train our union personnel and hand picks what we consider to be the highest caliber available.

We perform Electrical, Security and Communication installations for public sector institutions and offers technology expertise to companies, as well as emerging corporations of all sizes.  At CRC, we manage our successful growth by recruiting team members with a single focus – providing complete end-to-end solutions for the entire life cycle of each project while, at the same time, remaining flexible to meet the changing needs of any organization.

We specialize in design built security and technology project. We offer the complete solution including engineering, designing and construction of project. Most of our competitor provides only installation work.  

CRC Subsidiary Recchia Electrical is a licensed electrical firm, with the ability to provide electrical work in the City of New York; our field electrical staff is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Electricians.

CRC is proud of its long term and continuing relationships with its clients. CRC is a privately owned company with the principal involved on an ongoing basis.

CRC hands-on involvement throughout each project is fundamental to our business practice and a cornerstone of our philosophy. We approach each project with a cooperative mindset, working with clients, architects, inspectors and subcontractors toward the common goal – successful project delivery.

Our diverse construction portfolio and specialized subsidiary ensure that each project is matched with appropriate resources and expertise at the best possible price. Through technical skills, preconstruction and self capabilities, we anticipate project challenges, develop solutions that meet clients’ long-term objectives and continue to expand our professional services in the areas that meet our corporate clients’ future needs.

CRC has served and constantly been serving most reputed transportation authorities such as  MTA New York City Transit, MTA Metro North Rail Road, Port Authority of NY & NJ and Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.

Our expertise lies in our ability to serve the unique needs of the TA market segment and ensure each need is met in the most optimal way.

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